Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been one of the latest and largest technological developments in recent years. VR enables us to leave reality behind for a moment and completely immerse ourselves in a different, computer-generated world where we can do anything we can imagine. Thanks to VR, we can climb the Mt. Everest, explore the bottom of the ocean or go for a walk on the moon while we are actually sitting on our sofa at home.

This technological advancement might change the way we communicate. Applications that allow its users to meet other people in virtual rooms where they can hang out, communicate and do certain activities together already exist. The difference to traditional social media platforms is that people can meet up like they would in real life and can also see what other users are doing. Business meetings could thus be held in these created virtual rooms. As a result, expensive and time-consuming business travels might not be required any longer.

This survey investigates how Virtual Reality might influence our communication in the future.

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