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Annotation Groups
Non coding RNAs
Transposons and repeats
DNA-based methylation machinery
Histone-based chromatin modification machinery
Small RNA machinery (miRNAs, piRNAs, siRNAs)
Viral, bacterial, fungal sequences (integrated or non-integrated)
General metabolism (based on ArthropodaCyc)
Sugar transporters
Immune system
Odorant, gustatory receptors and others associated proteins
Salivary secreted proteins
Plant virus transmission machinery
Detoxification of plant and other environmental molecules (xenobiotics)
Developmental genes
Mitosis and meiosis genes
Signaling pathways and transcription factors
Cuticle/chitin related proteins
Juvenile hormones and ectysteroid related genes
Neuropeptides, biogenic amines and their receptors
Circadian rhythm
Sex determination
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