PNT Trail Towns Survey
The Pacific Northwest Trail Association is working to build relationships with trail towns along the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) to enhance local economies and communities while creating a great experience for hikers. Your answers will help us understand what kinds of services are important to thru-hikers and how they can be improved.

The PNT is a young National Scenic Trail with a great future ahead. Thank you for being part of the legacy.

What year did you thru-hike the Pacific Northwest Trail? *
To "thru-hike" is to set out to travel an entire long-distance trail in one season. The Pacific Northwest Trail, also known as the "PNT", is a 1,200-mile National Scenic Trail that goes from the Continental Divide in Montana to the Pacific Ocean in Washington. If you have thru-hiked the PNT more than once, choose the year of your most recent thru-hike. If you started a PNT thru-hike but did not complete it, you are still eligible for this survey and should choose the year of your attempt.
If you said "2009 or earlier", please write in the year:
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