Declaration of Commitment to the Parish WorkCamp Community Participant
I have received the information and understand the requirements for participating in WorkCamp with Saint John Neumann. I commit to the responsibilities that must be fulfilled by all St. John Neumann parish WorkCamp participants (as detailed below).
1. Complete and return all paperwork in on or before the designated deadlines.
2. Attend and participate in the WorkCamp preparation meetings and fundraising events. I understand that missing events jeopardizes my attendance at WorkCamp.
3. Attend the WorkCamp Retreat and Tool Training. I understand that I am not permitted on a work site without Tool Training. If I have to miss the SJN Retreat I will notify the Stakeholder to find another Parish Tool Training session.
4. Complete the Parish activity and Community Service requirements.
5. Participate in building the parish WorkCamp team through prayer and organized activities.
6. Obtain all necessary tools and supplies (including footwear, clothing etc.) needed for the week.
7. Cooperate with all the guidelines for WorkCamp and be mindful that at all times I am a representative of the Diocese of Arlington, Saint John Neumann, and the Catholic faith.
8. Understand and enforce the youth WorkCamp code of conduct including items related to dress code, behavior, and cell phone possession.
9. Strive to make the values of WorkCamp a part of my everyday life.
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I understand that my son/daughter is committing to the WorkCamp experience that I will support and encourage him/her in meeting all of the above stated responsibilities. I agree to the following requirements that must be fulfilled by all St. John Neumann Parents/Guardians of WorkCampers:
1. I will pay the family portion of the $175 tuition or will contact the Stakeholder to make other arrangements. Registration is not complete until paperwork and payment are received by SJN.
2. I will incorporate dates for WorkCamp commitments into our family schedule and encourage my teen to prioritize their time accordingly.
3. My teen must attend a Tool Training within 3 months of WorkCamp to be allowed on site. Failure to attend Tool Training may result in a non-refundable withdrawl.
4. Tuition is non-refundable for withdrawls/drops after April 15th.
5. WorkCamp 2020 commences at 1pm on June 20, 2020 and completes at 4:30pm on June 26, 2020. Our family is committing to these times. Youth may not arrive late to, or depart early from, WorkCamp.

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