Enhancing teaching through technology: staff teaching practice evaluation
Led by the Technology Enhanced Learning Team in QESS, the University is seeking to increase the use of existing educational technologies at Sheffield Hallam University by increasing awareness of different styles of teaching online.

One of the outcomes of this work will be a framework to analyse existing teaching practice, which will include guidance on different teaching approaches and how these can be supported by different technologies. The design of this framework will be based on the different teaching styles of teaching currently in use at the University and we would appreciate your help by telling us about your own teaching practice.

Please could you complete this short survey - any information you can provide will be valuable - and submit your responses no later than 9:00 am on Tuesday 7 May 2013. All responses will remain anonymous, and you can choose to focus on a specific module or teaching methods across all modules on which you teach.

For further information about this project please contact Ian Glover (I.Glover@shu.ac.uk) or Stuart Hepplestone (S.J.Hepplestone@shu.ac.uk).
In which subject area do you teach? *
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Briefly describe an example of your current teaching methods. *
You might include information about delivery of content or any tasks or activities that students are set. Please indicate whether these methods or activities are undertaken face-to-face, online or use technology.
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Identify one aspect of this practice that works well. Why do you feel that this is the case? *
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Identify one aspect of this practice that works less well. How do you think that this could be improved? *
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If you would be interested providing a case study of your teaching practice, please ensure you provide your contact details at the link given after submitting this form.
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