Pilots Review Group Online Questionnaire – for wider consultation
Pilots is an organisation running non-uniform groups for children and young people aged 5 to 18 in local churches. Groups are affiliated Pilots Companies, or more recently Friends on Faith Adventures Groups. Pilots was established by the London Missionary Society in 1936 and maintains a link to the worldwide church through its programme materials. Pilots is supported by the URC Children’s and Youth Work Committee.
Pilots have hosted The Big Day Out, run V&N events and Developing Leadership Skills for young leaders. They have run Synod fun days and camps, whilst local companies have put on pantomimes and performances, held annual Pilots Sunday services and contributed to local church life in a wide variety of ways.

We are undertaking a review of Pilots and welcome your responses to as many of the following questions as you are able to answer (please put n/a for those not applicable to you). We welcome and encourage responses from those with experience Pilots and those with none. Please be honest – there are no wrong answers!

Many thanks!
Pilots Review Group
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1. Strengths
What do you value most about Pilots?
What does Pilots do well?
What does Pilots uniquely offer the URC?
2. Resources
What resources from Pilots do you find helpful?
What other resources from URC Children’s and Youth Work do you find helpful?
What other wider resources do you draw on for children’s and youth work?
How could the URC better resource children’s and youth work for the future?
3. Opportunities
How are children and young people being discipled?
How are we being missional in our work with children and young people?
What have we learnt from the experiences of the past year?
4. Aspirations
What does the future of children’s and youth work in our local churches look like?
What is the best thing we could do for children and young people in the URC?
5. Any thing else you would like to add?
Are you are happy for us to contact you about your answers?
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