Lead Me On: Training Questionnaire
Please complete the following form so that we can have a better understanding about your dog's behaviors and gauge your overall goals. Additional details will help us better find the training package best suited for you and your dog's needs.
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Behavior Test
Only if you feel SAFE, please do the following Behavior Test. It will help us determine which training packages are the best fit for your dog. If you don’t feel safe doing this homework, please let us know.

Homework: Take your dog to a pet store and bring a big bag of really delicious, high value treats. Make sure your dog knows you have the treats before you go in.

- Feed constant treats, every 2-5 seconds starting right away as you enter.

- See if you can keep his attention and have him stay focused on you.

- Email the results of the test or “I do not feel safe doing the exercise” to leadmeoninc@gmail.com

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