Relationships and Health Education (RHE) Parent/Carer questionnaire
What is your name? *
What is your child's name? *
I understand what the new Relationships and Health Education curriculum will cover in primary schools. *
Are you aware that primary schools are required by law to teach Relationships and Health Education which includes the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010? *
I am pleased that my child will be learning about different aspects of relationships - including family structures, friendship, bullying, teamwork, growing up, feelings, stereotypes and consent. *
Would you like support at home, on how to speak to your child about Relationships and Health education? *
Are there any changes or additions that you think should be made to the Relationships and Health Education policy that the school have created?
Thinking about Relationship and Health Education in Lodge Primary, what do you believe is the most important subject area that SHOULD be taught for different age groups/key stages? *
Schools are strongly encouraged to teach sex education by the government, namely where do babies come from and how they are made, using age appropriate resources and that parents continue to have the right to request that their child is excused from sex education. Do you think we should or should not teach sex education in our curriculum? *
Do you have any suggestions to improve our RHE curriculum and themes/topics we could cover?
Is there any part of our Relationships and Health Education curriculum that you feel you require further support about?
Please add any other feedback/comments below.
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