RSVP for Tutte Centenary event on Mon 25 Sept 2017
Bill Tutte Centenary Celebration, Discrete Mathematics Research Group, Monash University
Monday 25 September 2017, 9am-2pm
Lecture Theatre S14, Clayton campus

You are invited to help celebrate Bill Tutte Centenary Year with half a day of talks about his life, work, and influence on mathematics, with morning tea and a light lunch.
William (Bill) Tutte (1917-2002) became a research mathematician while still an undergraduate at Cambridge in the late 1930s, broke the toughest Nazi codes while at Bletchley Park in WW2, and became one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century. His work saved countless lives during the war and led the development of the mathematics of networks (known as "graphs" within the field, but the term is not used here in its usual sense of axes, co-ordinates etc). His work was usually inspired by pure curiosity or recreational puzzles, but has been applied in domains as diverse as electrical circuits, statistical physics and information visualisation. For further information about him, see:
This celebration will consist of a series of short talks by mathematicians and computer scientists, aimed at university-level mathematics students and mathematics graduates. Talks will include:
Graham Farr: overview of Tutte's life
Kerri Morgan: Squaring the square
Ron Steinfeld / Amin Sakzad: Tutte's work at Bletchley Park in WW2
Jane Gao: When can vertices be all paired up? (1947 paper)
Kai Siong Yow: `The dissection of equilateral triangles into equilateral triangles' (1948 paper)
Ranjie Mo: `A contribution to the theory of chromatic polynomials' (1954 paper)
Sanming Zhou (Melb): Tutte's work on highly arc-transitive cubic graphs
David Wood: How Tutte would draw a graph
Grant Cairns (La Trobe): The Hanani-Tutte Theorem
Norman Do: Tutte and the topological recursion
Daniel Mathews: The Tutte polynomial and knot theory
Andrew Elvey Price (Melb): Enumerating planar maps weighted by their Tutte polynomial
Nick Wormald: My impressions of Tutte

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