Sacred Body Confidence L1 Intuitive Eating: Student Application Form
Blessings Love! I am so happy you have considered joining the program. As much as this program has the benefits of giving you the tools for you to lose weight (or gain weight) if needed... this is a process of LEARNING, EXPLORING and RE-DISCOVERING YOURSELF :)

So I ask that you take the time to fill out this application form to be part of the program. This program that I have designed is both an UN-learning of old patterns, beliefs and ways of being... into a REMEMBERING of the wisdom and confidence we had as young girls.

This program asks for commitment, compassion and self forgiveness every step of the way. And as much as I am here to provide to you the knowledge and the wisdom you need... my support and the community we create together is meant to remind you that you ALREADY have the wings you need to fly <3

Fill out the form below and I look forward to contacting you soon!

Queen Char

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The Program is 6 weeks with 1.5 hour long training each week that I host LIVE online via zoom. Do you have a computer or phone that will give you access? *
Are you willing to be at AND participate in each weeks training session? And if you miss a week, catch up before we meet again? *
And finally: Why now? Your New self will cost you your old self... you may not know if you are ready... but are you willing? *
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