SOLO Field Trip Feedback Survey
Thank you for participating in our SOLO Field Trip Program and sharing your feedback with us! Amid the COVID-19 pandemic we pivoted our Learning in Our Watershed program and utilized our pre-existing Community Wellness program to create Study Outdoors, Learn Outdoors (SOLO) Field Trips. Your feedback will help us to improve this program and grow it in the most impactful way. Thank you for your time and support.
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When did you complete your SOLO Field Trip? *
How did you hear about the SOLO Field Trip program? *
For Parents/Guardians/Visitors: Which SOLO Field Trip route did you complete/tour?
For Local Educators: Which SOLO Field Trip route did you assign your students?
What information would have been helpful to know or have before you embarked on your SOLO Field Trip?
Did you use the Google Map link, corresponding SOLO route map, or BOTH to navigate your route?
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Based on the option you chose, how easy was the route to navigate? (1 being the easy, 5 being difficult)
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Please explain your above answer
Were the POIs on your selected route easy to find and distinguishable?
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Which POIs, (if any), needed clearer directions or activity instructions?
Please rate your overall experience on the SOLO Field Trip *
How can we improve the SOLO Field Trip experience?
Is there anything you didn't like about your SOLO Field Trip?
Did you learn something new about the heritage of the Cache la Poudre River or the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area during this experience? Please share. *
Do you feel this program is engaging, educational, and helpful in creating the future generation of Poudre River stewards? Why or why not?
Do you feel the SOLO Field Trip program highlights our local community as one of the primary resources for learning? Why or why not? *
Do you have any additional feedback would you like to share so we can continue to build a successful program?
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