Questionnaire for sport fishermen in the fishing zone within the Nature Park Vransko Lake
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2. Country of residence *
3. Location of fishing *
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4. Which age group do you belong to? *
5. Education *
6. How many years have you been a sport fisherman? *
7. How many days per year in average are you fishing on Vransko Lake? *
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8. Have you noticed the presence of permanent pollution of lake water? If the answer is "yes", please specify the location of the pollution under the option "other". *
9. Have you noticed the presence of occasional pollution of lake water? If the answer is "yes", please specify the location of the pollution under the option "other". *
10. Have you noticed the fish die-off in the lake and/or the main canal and/or the Prosika canal? If the answer is "yes", please specify location, time and eventually the reason of the fish die-off under the option "other". *
11. Is there any poaching on Vransko Lake (fishing with illegal tools / methods - nets, traps, harpoons, electric aggregates or night fishing)? If the answer is "yes", please specify under the option "other" where the poaching is present and which illegal tools / methods are used. *
12. In your opinion, what are the main causes of fish endangerment in Vransko Lake? *
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13. Do you have any information about the presence of species from the Danube watershed (e.g. perch, common rudd, tench ...) or the introduction of foreign species into the Lake (e.g. as a bait)? If the answer is "yes", please specify species and method or eventually the reason of introduction into the Lake under the option "other". *
14. Do you consider fish from Vransko Lake as a higher quality fish than the same fish species from other freshwaters in Croatia? *
15. Do you know that there is no daily bag limit on invasive fish species (prussian carp, pumpkinseed, stone moroko, eastern mosquitofish) and that is prohibited to return them back into the water? *
16. Do you know that excessive supplementary fish feeding increases eutrophication and accelerates the lake aging process? *
17. Are you familiar with "catch & release" techniques? *
18. Would you say that releasing the caught fish gives greater pleasure than keeping it? *
19. Would you say that successful fishing means keeping all the caught fish? *
20. In your opinion, are released fish a benefit for the fish found? *
21. Do you think that the most of released fish die? *
22. Do you have the equipment for properly releasing of caught fish? *
23. Are you satisfied with the availability and arrangement of fishing positions on Vransko Lake? *
24. Do you have any suggestion or comment regarding the arrangement of fishing positions? If the answer is "yes", please write it down under the option "other". *
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