Comix in the Pete - Pagal Canvas x Art in Transit

The 8-day workshop aims at producing comics with experimental story structures, taking chickpete as a backdrop, by using its locations, materiel and stories as experienced by participants. First five days will be kept for field study in chickpete and adjoining areas and displays and presentation, and the last three optional visit to chickpete to do research and use the studio

The workshop will follow a stencil for a story line to produce a comic, of Location->object->scenario and self as a character. This will be an observation on how the same formula can have different approaches and outcomes.

5 days of walk in various parts of chickpete, from where the participants will for the first 3 days as a group tour various parts of chickpete, the narratives of the landscapes, the architecture, where the participants can have sketching sessions and photograph for references. The participants can later individually select and work on their respective location how they would like to incorporate in their comic as the main place where the story occurs.

Day 3 would include going to the Sunday market of chickpete and getting objects sold there, which should be incorporated, in the comic, however the participant feels right. Sunday market is an eminent part of chikpete and objects there come from all around the city and are almost part of local history.

Scenario and self as a character
A fictional/non fictional scenario is to be constructed incorporating the object and location with placing themselves in it, without giving much stress to weather the story goes in a meaningful structured direction or not. This is to develop an idea of subtext in comics, and also what it is to be in chickpete without any direction or purpose, in a place which one of the main center of the city, which effects and reflects the city’s images, aesthetics and utility.

The official rounds of chickpete will end on 5th, and from 6th to 8th and the studio open for participants to come work and do further research for their comic.

Every day will include around 2-3 hours of walking around the chickpete and attached areas, with sessions showing other works, presentation, videos, and basics of comic printing and production.

About Pagal Canvas and their comics-

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