Bose AR @ Company Challenge | 2019 Application

Please apply early, be concise and tell us what makes you and your idea exceptional.

All applications are due May 22, 2019

Up to 15 ideas will be chosen to join us for a Pitch Challenge (Event on June 12) and be eligible to win a portion of the up to $50K in prizes!

Email us with any questions at BOSE@COMPANY.CO

Challenge Criteria

Heads up & Hands Free: How well does the idea or experience leverage the unique capabilities of the Bose AR platform and Bose Wearable hardware?

Innovation: How innovative of an idea is being proposed?

Completeness: What stage of application has been demonstrated? E.g. Pure ideation, pseudocode, proof of concept, prototype, etc.

Presentation: How well did the Video Presentation demonstrate the idea, target audience, and use cases. Would you want to use this product?

Customer Value / Market Readiness: Is there a need for this experience, idea, or technology? Is this application solving a problem or making an impact which is not currently being met with today’s technology?

Feasibility: Is the idea or experience technically and practically feasible?

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