Statement from editors of eLife regarding recent events.
The recent events, culminating in the dismissal of Michael Eisen as Editor-in-Chief of eLife by the eLife Board of Directors (link to statement), have led to many discussions and disagreements amongst ourselves and amongst our colleagues in the scientific community. It is important to note that we, as Senior and Reviewing Editors of eLife, are neither members of the Board of Directors, nor were we consulted on the decision. Our role is to be stewards of eLife’s scientific mission. We have a wide range of opinions on these recent events. Our shared goal here is not to summarize those opinions. Rather, we wish to highlight the importance of being part of a community that places the highest value on the ability to hold and respectfully discuss such a range of opinions.

Plurality of opinions is, and has been from its inception, the backbone of eLife. Science makes advances through open disagreements and robust discussion. eLife’s new publication model embodies this philosophy through open reviews.

We, the editors, believe the same principles apply more broadly. Dissent and discussion are fundamental to open societies. We robustly support the frank -- yet respectful --  expression of diverse views and political opinions. We believe thoughtful dissent, on topics scientific and otherwise, should be embraced and encouraged.

The members of our community come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What brings us together is the desire to create a diverse, global community that promotes open and trusted scientific results for the benefit of all. We, the undersigned editors, often differ in our individual political and other non-scientific views. However, we commit to do our utmost to ensure that these views do not influence our editorial decision making. The scientific community should know that contributions from scientists of all backgrounds are, have been, and always will be, welcome and valued at eLife.

(feedback on this statement can be provided here)


1. Tamar Makin                         University of Cambridge
2. Alaa Ahmed                           University of Colorado Boulder
3. Noah Cowan                       Johns Hopkins University
4. Carlos Brody                          Princeton University and HHMI
5. Gaiti Hasan                            NCBS, TIFR
6. Robin Hiesinger                    Free University of Berlin, Germany
7. Ruth de Diego-Balaguer      ICREA, University of Barcelona
8. Daniel Y Takahashi               Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
9. Claire Gillan                           Trinity College Dublin
10. Brice Bathellier                      Institut Pasteur
11. Alex Fornito                         Monash University
12. Juan Alvaro Gallego           Imperial College London
13. Jörn Diedrichsen                Western University
14. Andrés Jara-Oseguera      The University of Texas at Austin
15. John Tuthill                         University of Washington
16. Eran Elhaik                          Lund University, Sweden
17. Redmond O'Connell          Trinity College Dublin
18. Nora Abrous                       Inserm
19. Emilio Salinas                     Wake Forest University School of Medicine
20. Fred Rieke                           University of Washington
21. Adrien Peyrache                McGill University
22. Ilona Grunwald Kadow     University of Bonn
23. Sacha Nelson                     Brandeis University
24. Vidita Vaidya                      Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
25. Joseph Raimondo             University of Cape Town
26. Michael Frank                    Brown University
27. Andrew King                       University of Oxford
28. Kenton Swartz                   National Institutes of Health
29. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham    Carnegie Mellon University
30. Anna Schapiro                   University of Pennsylvania
31. Kristin Tessmar-Raible     University of Vienna/AWI Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research
32. Supratim Ray                      Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
33. Floris de Lange                  Radboud University, Donders Institute
34. Joshua Gold                       University of Pennsylvania
35. Xiaorong Liu                       University of Virginia
36. John Huguenard                Stanford University
37. Sofia J.Araújo                    University of Barcelona, Spain
38. Miriam Spering                  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
39. Hugo Merchant                 UNAM, Mexico

40. Daeyeol Lee                       Johns Hopkins University
41. Lu Chen                              Stanford University
42. Jennifer Raymond            Stanford University
43. Laura Lee Colgin               The University of Texas at Austin
44. Andrew Pruszynski           Western University 

45. Leonardo Abdala Elias     Universidade Estadual de Campinas
46. Caleb Kemere                    Rice University  
47. Kate Wassum                    UCLA
48. Gillian McLellan                University of Wisconsin-Madison
49. Tobias H. Donner             University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
50. Eduardo Franco                McGill University
51. Jesse Goldberg                Cornell University
52. Helen Scharfman             New York University Grossman School of Medicine
53. Srdjan Ostojic                    Ecole Normale Superieure Paris
54. Harry T. Orr                        University of Minnesota

55. Nicolas Unsain                 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
56. Neil Ferguson            Imperial College London
57. Jonathan A. Cooper    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
58. SP Arun                            Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
59. Megan Carey            Champalimaud
60. Michael A Taffe            UCSD
61. Paula Casati                    
Centro de Estudios Fotosintéticos y Bioquímicos
62. Peter Kok                    University College London
63. Anton M. Bennett            Yale University School of Medicine
64. Ammie Kalan            University of Victoria
65. Prabhat Jha                    University of Toronto
66. Clare Press                    Birkbeck, University of London and UCL
67. Stephen C. Ekker            University of Texas at Austin
68. Anna Panchenko            Queen's University, Canada
69. Felix Campelo            ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona
70. Sjors Scheres            MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
71. Pablo Manavella            Instituto de Agrobiotecnología del Litoral - CONICET
72. Xiaobing Shi                    Van Andel Institute
73. Nagalingam Ravi Sundaresan Indian Institute of Science
74. László Csanády            Semmelweis University
75. Mauro M Teixeira            UFMG, Brazil
76. Katalin Toth                    University of Ottawa
77. Dieter Ebert                    University of Basel, Switzerland
78. Wafik El-Deiry            Brown University
79. Michaela R. Reagan    MaineHealth/Tufts University
80. Chyung-Ru Wang            Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
81. Yukiko Yamashita    Whitehead Institute/MIT/HHMI
82. Jie Xiao                            Johns Hopkins University
83. Farah D. Lubin            The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
84. Meg Schlichting            University of Toronto
85. Henry M. Colecraft    Columbia University
86. Mahendra Sonawane    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
87. Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry KU Leuven, Belgium
88. Karsten Kruse            University of Geneva
89. Leon D. Islas                    National Autonomous University of Mexico                          
90. Mauricio Comas-Garcia Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí
91. Marcelo Urbano Ferreira University of São Paulo
92. Wei Yan                            The Lundquist institute at Harbor-UCLA/David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
93. Alexander Chesler    National Institutes of Health
94. Sarah Russell            Peter Mac and Swinburne
95. Mathieu Wolff            CNRS
96. Alphée Michelot            Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille
97. Richard Amasino            University of Wisconsin
98. Frank Chan                    Friedrich Miescher Laboratory/University of Groningen
99. Joshua T Schiffer Fred   Hutchinson Cancer Center
100 Jawed Siddiqui            University of Nebraska medical center
101 Catherine Carr            University of Maryland
102 Michael Dustin            University of Oxford
103 Pil Joon Seo                    Seoul National University
104 Agnieszka Chacinska    IMol, Poland
105 Arduino A Mangoni    Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
106 Mihaela Iordanova    Concordia University
107 Mark Jit                            London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
108 Dimple Notani            National Centre for Biological Sciences, India
109 Rebecca Sappington    Wake Forest University School of Medicine
110 Xin Chen                    Johns Hopkins University
111 Murim Choi                    Seoul National University
112 Rajan Sankaranarayanan CSIR-CCMB
113 Koyeli Mapa                    Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence, Delhi-NCR, India
114 Sarah Russell            PeterMac and Swinburne University of Technology
115 Markus Ploner            Technical University of Munich
116 Ben Cooper                    University of Oxford
117 Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso University of Leeds
118 Nicolás Pírez            Universidad de Buenos Aires - CONICET
119 Zhiguo Zhang                   Irving Medical Center, Columbia University 
120 Panayiota Poirazi            IMBB-FORTH
121 Denise Cai                        Mount Sinai
122 Mohan Balasubramanian    University of Warwick, UK
123 Jennifer Groh                   Duke University
124 Christine Clayton             Heidelberg University, Germany
125 Pramod Mistry                 Yale University
126 Meredith C Schuman      University of Zurich
127 James McCaw                 University of Melbourne
128 Ole Haagen Nielsen        University of Copenhagen
129 Jonathan Roiser              University College London
130 Tânia Reis                         University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
131 Michael Czech                 University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
132 Laura Bradfield                University of Technology Sydney
133 Wenfeng Qian                  Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
134 Jonathan Bogan             Yale School of Medicine

135 Dominique Bergmann    Stanford University
136 João T. Marques             Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
137 Aleksandra Walczak    CNRS
138 Agnese Seminara            University of Genoa, Italy
139 Päivi Ojala                    University of Helsinki
140 Koichi Kawakami            National Institute of Genetics, JAPAN
141 George Perry                    Pennsylvania State University
142 Peter Tontonoz                 UCLA
143 JC Zuniga-Pflucker          University of Toronto
144 David James                     University of Sydney 
145 Gordon Berman                Emory University
146 David A. Donoso               Escuela Politécnica Nacional
147 David Kramer                    Michigan State University
148 Mariela Monteoliva.         INTA-CONICET, UCC

149 Hao Yu                               National University of Singapore
150 Maria M. Zambrano         Corpogen Research Center, Colombia
151 Yamini Dalal                     
Deputy Editor, eLife 
152 Vincent Castric                 CNRS, University of Lille
153 Becky Bart                         Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
154 Lennart Verhagen            Donders Institute, Radboud University
155 Audrey Sederberg            Georgia Institute of Technology
156 Merritt Maduke             Stanford University
157 Volker Dötsch             Goethe University
158 Shozeb Haider             University College London
159 Martin Eilers                     University of Wuerzburg
160 Michel Bagnat            Duke University
161 Simona Giunta            University of Rome Sapienza
162 Patrick Hu                    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
163 Dominique Soldati-Favre University of Geneva
164 Silke Hauf                    Virginia Tech
165 Ethel Bayer-Santos    University of Sao Paulo
166 Luis F. Larrondo               P. Universidad Católica de Chile
167 Birte Forstmann              University of Amsterdam
168 Laura Ruth Delgui   CONICET-Argentina
169 Weiwei Dang                   Baylor College of Medicine
170 Teresa Giraldez           University of La Laguna
171 Bruno Lemaitre           EPFL Lausanne Switzerland
172 Paschalis Kratsios   University of Chicago
173 Satyajit Rath                   IISER, Pune, India
174 Heedeok Hong           Michigan State University
175 Yogesh K. Gupta           University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
176 Yaroslav Ispolatov   Universidad de Santiago de Chile
177 Yunlei Yang                   Albert Einstein College of Medicine
178 Samuel Pleasure           UCSF
179 Elham Mahmoudi   University of Michigan
180 Urbain Weyemi           Reviewing Editor, eLife
181 Martin Reincke           Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
182 Margaret Anne Stanley University of Cambridge
183 Lejla Zubcevic           University of Kansas Medical Center
184 Ivan Topisirovic           McGill University
185 Urszula Krzycch           WRAIR, USA
186 Huan Luo                   Peking University
187 Mary B. Kennedy           California Institute of Technology
188 Marcus Seldin           University of California, Irvine
189 Kassandra Ori-McKenney UC Davis
190 Sergio Rasmann           University of Neuchâtel
191 Alan Talevi                   University of La Plata, Argentina
192 Yuji Mishina                   University of Michigan School of Dentistry
193 Jeremy Reiter           UCSF
194 Gherardo Mazziotti        Humanitas University of Milan, Italy
195 Amit Verma                     Albert Einstein
196 Tomohiro Morio           Tokyo Medical and Dental University
197 Ken Ho                           Garvan Institute of Medical Research
198 Jong-Eun Park           Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
199 Beate Lichtenberger   Medical University of Vienna
200 Seunghee Hong           Yonsei University, SOUTH KOREA
201 Youngsung Joo           Seoul National University
202 Kunlin Wei                        Peking University
203 Upinder S. Bhalla            National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
204 Eugene Duff                    Imperial College London
205 Maroeska Rovers           Radboudumc and University of Twente
206 Hayriye Cagnan              Imperial College London
207 Yanchao Bi                      Beijing Normal University
208 Stephan A Pless             University of Copenhagen, Denmark
209 Jessica Dubois               Inserm Unité NeuroDiderot, Université Paris Cité
210 Jean-Ju Chung               Yale University School of Medicine
211 Jerry L Workman            Stowers Institute for Medical Reseach
212 Axel Brakhage                Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Jena, Germany
213 Shuo Su                           Nanjing Agricultural University
214 Victoria Bautch              University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
215 James Sellers                National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH
216 Simon Mendez-Ferrer   University of Cambridge
217 Murali Prakriya               Northwestern University
218 Claude Desplan              NYU
219 Manuel Zimmer              University of Vienna
220 Marcos Nahmad            Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico
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