2018 Greater Erie Awards Nomination
Nominate a preservation champion in Erie County!
Greater Erie Award Nomination Form
Preservation Erie is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Preservation Erie Greater Erie Awards! The Greater Erie Awards are presented annually by the board of Preservation Erie to three individuals, businesses or organizations that are exceptional stewards of the physical and cultural landscape that is Greater Erie. The awards are organized to attract and educate residents and community leaders, and celebrate Greater Erie's successes in planning, design, adaptive reuse, and preservation. Structures nominated must be located within Erie County, Pennsylvania.

A total of three Greater Erie Awards will be made annually from the following categories*.


1) PRESERVATION EXCELLENCE – buildings, structures or spaces (that are at least 50 years old) that have been conserved, stabilized and preserved in a manner honoring the individual property.

2) ADAPTIVE REUSE - buildings, structures or spaces (that are at least 50 years old) that have been renovated to allow a thoughtful or community-enhancing reuse that respects the historic character of the site.

3) DESIGN EXCELLENCE– buildings, structures or spaces (that are less than 50 years old) that have been constructed in a manner that both honors the character of the existing built environment and uses green energy best practices including creating the least amount of environmental impact and/or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) certification.

4)EDUCATION AND ADVOCACY - This award acknowledges the work of local photographers, authors, community advocates, non-building related projects, and others who are helping to raise awareness of historic preservation. Nominees must live in Erie County.

*Depending on submissions, it is possible that the three awards will be made in one category. For instance, if no submissions are made in the DESIGN EXCELLENCE or EDUCATION AND ADVOCACY categories, but worthy submissions are made in ADAPTIVE REUSE and PRESERVATION EXCELLENCE categories, then three awards (total) will be presented in the latter two categories, and none in the former.


The winners will be announced on April 25, 2018 at the Greater Erie Awards. The Awards will take place at Junior's Last Laugh in Downtown Erie. Please save the date. A formal announcement of the event will be made this Winter. The springtime award reception will feature a keynote address given by Phillip Langdon, an acclaimed lecturer in the fields of historic preservation and urban planning.


To nominate a building or person for an award, submit this form before the deadline of January 31, 2018 . Anyone may make a nomination, including self-nominations. Nominations may be completed two ways:

1) Print and mail your nomination form to Preservation Erie, 10 East 5th Street, Box 3, Erie, PA 16507. To download and print the nomination form, please visit www.preservationerie.org/greater-erie-awards.

2) To complete the nomination form online, fill in the following information and click "Submit" when finished.

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