Worship Survey February 2021
In March, we will mark the one–year anniversary of computer-based "virtual" worship services at St. Peter’s due to the ongoing pandemic. While we hope to gather for traditional in-person worship this Spring, we would like to get your feedback on our current "virtual" worship formats, as well as receive input on taking the next steps to return to traditional in-person worship as restrictions ease.
Do you participate in the Zoom Worship Services? Zoom Worship is our current delivery of Sunday worship where congregants use Zoom to participate in a "real-time" worship service at 10 am each Sunday morning with the ability to see and chat with Pastor, lectures, and fellow parishioners.
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Please explain why you selected the choice above. Feel free to check more than one box.
I would like to share feedback, good or bad, regarding the ZOOM Worship Services. (OPTIONAL - 40 words or less.)
I would like to share feedback, good or bad, regarding the RECORDED Worship Services. (OPTIONAL - 40 words or less.)
We are planning an Outdoor In-Person Easter Service at Weingartner Park at 10 am weather permitting, with social distancing rules in place. We would like to know more about the interest level in our congregation. Please select what most applies to you.
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Would your family or young guests have interest in participating in a socially distanced Easter Egg hunt in the park following the outdoor Easter service? If yes - how many children do you anticipate bringing?
Starting sometime after Easter, we hope to return to in-person worship services and have a small in-person service in the sanctuary at 8:30 am and an in-person outdoor service on the lawn at 10 am. Which one would you prefer?
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During this pandemic, we have made many new connections to people far away. We are starting to determine what our continued online church presence will look like after the pandemic is “under control” and when worship is a mostly in-person experience again. Would you be interested in participating in this discussion?
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What is hardest for you during the late stages of the pandemic? Please check everything that applies.
Tell us two things you have learned during this most unusual year.
Can the church, pastor, or staff help you in any way? If you would like to be contacted, please provide your name and contact information (phone or email).
How are you and your family managing during this time?
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How connected do you feel to your church during this difficult time? Please choose all that apply.
Is the church ministry helping you to get through this time? Please check all that apply.
Staff and Church Council are constantly evaluating what we can do better in a time that has few blue prints. Please bring to our attention any idea you may have of something that would be helpful to you or other people in the community:
Do you have any other comments or feedback?
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