31st World Pilot Gig Championships 2020 Registration Form
Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May 2020 - please refer to the timetable.
The deadline for registration of details is 2nd February 2020. Any submissions or amendments after this will be subject to the race committee's approval and should be notified to worldgigs@gmail.com by 17th April 2020 at the latest.
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Form Instructions
Please refer to the number of gigs you are entitled to bring for 2020.

The person registering must enter their email address in the field above. A summary of the registration details will be sent to the email address provided.

Once completed, don't forget to click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email. We don't control the response time so please be patient if you don't receive a confirmation immediately.

If you wish to change any of the registration details at a later date, ​follow the link on the confirmation email, edit the form and resubmit. Please don't send a duplicate form for the same gig. We strongly recommend you save the receipt email for future reference.
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Main Races
Please tick here to register this Gig for the Open Races *
Veterans and Supervet Races
A gig may race in either the Mens Vets or Mens Supervets races - not both. The same applies to the Ladies Vets and Supervets. Please check race times and be aware that crews on the second Scillonian sailing on the 1st May will not arrive in time for these races.
Please tick to select Mens Veterans races *
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Gigs loaned to other clubs
Please use this section if you are loaning your gig to another club.
If you want to loan this gig to another club, please list race(s) and club(s) here:
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How will you pay? *
How to pay
Payment must be made to complete the registration process. Payment must be completed before the start of racing.

Note to international (non-UK) clubs: To avoid bank charges and/or exchange rate issues, please bring the registration fee in Sterling to the Tunnel when you sign in. This applies to international (non-UK) clubs ONLY. UK-based clubs must pay as instructed below.

Payment can be made by:

Cheque to: World Pilot Gig Championships Fund and posted to:

WPGC Treasurer
Mrs. L Townend
Springfield Court
Church Street
St Mary's
Isles of Scilly


By Bank Transfer:

Account: World Pilot Gig Championships Fund
Sort Code: 20-67-19
Account No: 20521477
PLEASE quote your gig club as reference, thankyou

Payment is by race at £15.00 /gig.

This means that, for example, if you are registering a gig for the Ladies and the Men's main races only, the registration fee will be £30.

The maximum fee for a gig racing in all possible races is £60.00. (eg. Mens Open, Ladies Open, Mens Vets, Ladies Supervets).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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