Databanter has created the Elite community as the power house of our social intervention to encourage, inspire and engage individuals and groups to collectively achieve sustainable development goals.
Our Elite members are today’s heroes consisting of individuals, businesses and corporate organizations that fully understand the benefits of their contributions to the environments and mankind and are ready to scarifies their resources to be part of the societal peace and balance.
Our Elite community is a network of social change-makers that brings interdependent to one another using our innovative mobile crowd funding technology to support our supported causes building on the capacity of people using our services to take as much control over their lives as much as possible to manage long term social conditions. Our members are liable to meticulously leverage our network for their own benefits and progress and also for the betterment of other members with priority to the most disadvantaged. They become strengths that will mitigate other peoples’ weaknesses.
We are building an ecosystem that establishes an exchange of hands which ends up creating an atmosphere that helps the bottom of pyramid and as we believe everyone coming together in Love, unity and harmony exhibiting a simple and usual task for themselves and sharing their resources would definitely contribute to our vision to create the world without poverty.
We understand that we do not need to have it all before we can make an impact and the truth about humanity is that everyone is in need of one thing or the other and it is someone who would also provide for individuals’ needs. WE ALL NEED SOMEBODY TO LEAN ON.
Do you have a mobile phone? Then you are eligible to join our Elite community. We have made series of social benefits to ensuring our Elite member enjoys their membership with us.

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