Proofreading Service Request
After you complete this form, email a digital copy of your work to VoloPress@Curtis.Enterprises.

You will be emailed a PayPal invoice that must be paid before any work begins.

Once the invoice is paid, please allow approximately 15 days for completion depending upon the length of the work.

You will be notified via email when the job is complete and sent a list of notes.

Please understand that proofreading means that I will read the work through a single time and provide my critique concerning clarity, grammatical issues, logistical issues, plot holes, style, and entertainment value.

Use this service before publishing to help you avoid some major problems you may have missed simply because you have looked at your piece as the other and not as a reader.

This service is billed at a rate of half a penny ($0.005) per word. For example, a 1,000-word essay would cost $5.00, while a 60,000-word novel would cost $300.

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