Texas Civic Impact Council (TCIC) Student Fellowship Application
The people of Austin are reaching a crossroads. They can let the future of Austin be in the hands of a few or in the hands of the community. Now is the time for Austin to be shaped by students, teachers, small business owners, life-long residents, workers, and families.

An equitable future for Austin is possible. A future that is affordable, inclusive, and prosperous. TCIC is leading this charge by strengthening community voices and connecting them to Austin’s decision makers.

TCIC’s city-wide fellowship allows students to build a personal understanding of affordability, housing, jobs, and transportation in Austin through community conversations. Students will create innovative solutions and work with leaders across government, transportation, and housing to build communities that work.

Student voices have been left out of the decision making process for too long. You are the person at the crossroads - do you want your future in your hands or someone else’s?  

                                         Join our Fellowship and be a leader today.  
                         Spring semester + Summer opportunities with limited spots.
                                              Open to all Austin college students

Project and role descriptions can be found at peacusa.org/tcic. Feel free to reach out to peac.tcic@gmail.com with any questions/concerns.
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