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Hello Friends,

<b>Would you like to join the Seed Keepers Collective? </b>

Me and some farmer friends of mine are organizing a community building and growing experiment. We are interested in starting a Seed Keeper's community here in the DC region. A friend of mine, Blain Snipstal, has saved and collected a lot of seeds and wants to teach more people how to save seeds and how seed-saving protects our food system.

I'm hoping to connect gardeners to farmers (and vice versa) in relationships of common aid. These types of things already exist formally and informally, especially in communities of color. This is how many of the varieties of plants we know now as essential parts of our diet became common--people grew food and saved seeds and shared them.

<b>How it works:</b>

1) Pick: You decide to grow something in your garden this year and save the seeds. You pick from a list of seeds we have: The Big List of Seeds.

Please Note:

"Traditional Plant Cultivars" means plants that were brought to the Americas by African people, cultivated in the Americas or the African Diaspora by African people or plants native to the Americas which were cultivated by Indigenous or African people. Anyone can choose these plants.

There isn't a limit to the number of seeds you can choose but we advise you start slow. It's ok to pick just one. It's ok to pick none at all if you're not a gardener but want to meet others who grow food.

It's a long list. If you don't know what you want or can't decipher what would be right for you, Blain sent some hints.


BEAN Freckle Butter Bean
PEPPER Sante Fe - Hot!


SQUASH Green Striped Cushaw
MELON Canta Loop Honey Rock
CORN Little Blue - Flint

2) Prep: We have a spring/summer gathering (Date, time, location: TBA) to distribute the seeds and talk about how to plant them. We'll also have community time. If you already know how to do this, please consider attending to share your knowledge and build community.

3) Plant : This one is self-explanatory

4) Save: We gather in the fall (Date, time, location: TBA) to talk about how to save seed and make plans to return 30% of the seeds saved to the inventory. We also tell stories about our experiences and share information about the variety we saved.

Please join us!

Thank you,

Good Sense Farm
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