Connection Without Words

In "Connection Without Words", we explore what it takes to connect deeply with another human being. Most of us believe that time is proportional to the depth of connection we can have with another person – that it takes years to get to a know a person deeply. But what if 12 minutes is all that it takes to connect with someone wholeheartedly? Would we allow ourselves to open our hearts up, be vulnerable, and feel the soul of another person without holding back?

“Connection Without Words”, involves pairs of strangers (one person who is Deaf or hard of hearing and another person who is without disabilities) who would gaze into each other’s eyes for 12 minutes, and simply be present with each other. We want to inspire people to be present with another person in a way that is filled with real emotions, awareness and authenticity, no matter where they’re at in life. Connection knows no boundaries.

When we open ourselves up to people, we make it easier for other people to open up to us too.

If you wish to experience such deep connections for yourselves, fill in this form to be a part of this unique experience on the 6th December 2020. Your participation will be confirmed through an email update from the organisers.

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6th December 2020

Meeting Location:
Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre
30A Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768796

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To participate on the 6th December 2020, tick the checkboxes below to allow the organisers of "Connection Without Words" to have the rights to publish the contents, documented during the socially engaged happening, for public viewing. If there are any content that the participants would wish to keep private, they can have a discussion with the organisers to have them omitted. The organisers will have the final decision.
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