Customer Discovery: Project Area Map Data
ECR Logic is a team of archaeologists and computer programmers. We've talked to many archaeologists about the ups and downs of collecting and using map data for fieldwork, but we want to better understand the needs of our colleagues across the environmental consulting spectrum. Your input will help us better understand the market and serve our customers in the environmental consulting field. We appreciate your time and feedback!
1. What is your primary specialization or role in environmental consulting?
(examples include: archaeologist, hydrologist, ecologist, review specialist, GIS specialist, senior manager, etc)
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2. Let's talk about map layers. Which five layer types do you consult most frequently to learn about a new project area, in addition to a standard street map or aerial photo base map?
3. Would you use a mobile application to expedite decision-making in the field?
4. If so, how important is offline capability?
Don't need it
Couldn't live without it
5. What would you primarily use this mobile application for?
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6. Imagine your "one-stop shop" mobile application for accessing map data and recording project information in the field. What other features would you require?
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7. You're on board to use a mobile application in the field. But do you have any concerns?
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