Otaniemi Free Space Open Call
Have you ever thought, how much fun would be to have a voluntary run space in Otaniemi, where different students, student organizations, local groups and others interested could meet each other, experiment ideas, make or exhibit art and projects, organize events, workshops and talks or just hang out freely?

Well, here it is- Otaniemi Free Space. A collaborative playground, test platform and culture space for the Otaniemi community. A space for co-creation, experimentation and excitement. A space for new kind of interactions instead of just events.

The project will be organized in the former ADD LAB Cafe (Sähkömiehentie 4G) during 7.4-27.5.2017.

We also want to break the barriers between organizers and visitors: anyone can join our crew and become an active agent. This space is for the community from the community, totally up to the participants what will happen.

Sign up to the Open Call!

We are looking for different kind of events, artworks, live art, music gigs, conversations, debates, theatre plays, cross-disciplinary activities, workshops, lectures, movie nights...

Also regular event formats that you would like to host or where people could sign up taking part are welcomed <3 Examples: Community dinner, skill exchange evening, clothes swap, repair your clothes -day, conversation events about meaningful or academic topics, Co-working/Hoffice day..

Otaniemi Free Space also offers space for creating unconventional formats of exhibiting art works: especially community driven, inclusive, interactive, performative, process- or event based works are welcomed!

You don't have to have any experience in advance, this is your chance to try out anything you are really passionate about!

Fill the form and we try to contact you as soon as possible.


-The events should be free of charge/non-profit and open for everyone
-Entrances fees are only permitted if there is organizing costs (details can be discussed)
-Everything should be based on voluntary work
-The event organizers should clean the space after the event
-The events that are from the Otaniemi/Aalto community or give inspiration/benefiting the community are prioritized


-No permanent logos, no marketing or sponsor related logos
-No political or commercial activity
-No harassment of any kind
-No alcohol selling, BYO
-No heavy constuction without permit

Järjestäjän, yhteisön tai järjestön nimi -- Name of a person, group or community *
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Sähköpostisi - email *
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Puhelinnumerosi - phone number
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Kerro itsestäsi, järjestöstäsi, yhteisöstäsi lyhyesti -- Short description of who you are *
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Mitä haluaisit järjestää tai tehdä tilassa? Esimerkiksi tapahtuma, workshop, näyttely, taide- tai muunlainen projekti? /Tell us what you would like to do in the space? For example an event, workshop, exhibition, art- or other kind of project... *
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Kuinka paljon aikaa projektisi vie (tunteja, päiviä?) /How much time would your project take? Hours, days.... *
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Mitkä kolme - neljä sopivaa päivämäärävaihtoehtoa olisi teille sopivia välillä 7.4 - 27.5.2017 /Tell us three or four suitable dates between 7.4 - 27.5.2017 when you could organize your thing. *
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Tilamme on avoinna käytöön arkisin klo 10-00, ja viikonloppuisin 12 - 02, Mikä aikahaarukka olisi jutullesi sopivin? /The space is open for planned use between 10 pm - 12 pm on weekdays, and 12 pm - 02 pm on weekends. What time would suit you best? *
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Millaisia resursseja tarvitsette? /What kind of resources do you need? *
Projektin idea on tuoda eri toimijoita yhteen ja sekoittaa erilaisia alueella jo tapahtuvia juttuja. Ymmärrän, että tilassa saattaa olla samanaikaisesti muutakin toimintaa, koskien myös taidenäyttelyitä/The idea of the project is to bring together different agents and mix different activities in the area. I understand that I there might be other activities happening at the same time with my event/exhibition/activity.
Jos vastasit jotain muuta, niin mitä se realistisuuden rajoissa olisi - pyrimme kehittämään resurssejamme vastausten perusteella. Muutenkin voit selventää vastaustasi. /If you answered something else, please specify :) We strive to develop our resources based of the needs of the users.
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Muuta kysyttävää tai kommentoitavaa - otamme yhteyttä myöhemmin. /Something to ask, or a comment. We will contact your later.
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Kiitos osallistumisesta - Thank you for attending!
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