REGISTRATION FORM Pole Universe 2019 summer Vinnitsa May 24-26
Applications will be accepted until April 15 (23:59).Each participant must fill out a form. In case of participating in two or more categories, a separate application should be filled for each category. For a group number, only one application is filled out (on behalf of one of the duo members). After filling out the form, a copy of the application will be sent to your e-mail. IT WILL SERVE AS A CONFIRMATION THAT THE APPLICATION IS TAKEN.

Musical accompaniment (image for the screen) as well as payment screen should be ATTACHED DIRECTLY TO THE APPLICATION FORM (no need to send it by mail). If you are not ready to attach music or payment receipt at the time of filling out the application, then you can do it later by editing your application, but not later than April 15th.

To edit the application, please, go to your mail to the application copy and click "edit". Important! No need to re-send the application for making changes, just edit the existing one.

After April 16, there will be penalty points for untimely submitting music and payment (-1 point / day)

Fee Size:

One category - 50$
Two categories - 90$ (50$ + 40$)
Three categories - 130$ (50$ + 40$ + 40$)
Group number - 40$ per person

Rules of the championship:

Email address *
Date of Birth *
Country, city *
The studio you are representing *
Phone number *
Category *
For group numbers: Surname, name, patronymic of your partners, date of birth
DESCRIPTION OF THE NUMBER (to be read out before the performance) *
Insurance *
Participation in master classes from championship judges *
Please upload here your payment receipt (screen) on the registration fee.
Important! The date and amount of payment should be clearly visible. If you have not paid the fee yet, you can download the payment screen later by editing your form (via your mail, the application copy, change the answer). After April 15th it will become impossible.
Please download your MUSIC SUPPORT (video and screen image).
If you are not ready to download music at the moment, then you can do it later (before April 15) by editing your profile via mail.
Filling out the form, the participant agrees with the rules of the championship and accepts the terms of participation. After submitting the form, a copy of the application will be sent to your mail. This will be the confirmation of your participation.
DO NOT FORGET! Until April 15 (up to 23:59) it is necessary to attach background music and pay receipt as well as your number description to this application. After April 15th it will become impossible.
To edit the application, you should go to your mail to the application copy and click "edit". There’s no need to re-send your application.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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