Are you a good candidate for Hypnosis?
​Hypnosis is natural state that you are experience several times throughout your day.
There is no need for a swinging watch to put you into a hypnotic trance!
Some people are more receptive to hypnosis than others and can expect to experience rapid changes with a structured process of hypnosis & coaching. 

Find out if you are!
Answer the following simple questions to see if you and hypnosis are well-suited.
At the end, count which letter had the most votes: A, B, or C.
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Do you salivate when thinking about sucking on or sinking your teeth into a sour, juicy lemon? *
When you see someone else yawn, does it become contagious? *
Are you motivated to begin working towards your goals? *
If you see a crowd of people looking at something, do you tend to look in the same direction out of curiosity? *
When reading a good book, can you “close off” to any external distractions? *
If the problem of anxiety, depression, self-doubt or fear doesn't get any better? *
If you close your eyes, can you visualize a journey from your house to the nearest shop? *
When you go to the cinema or theatre, can you feel emotional when you see something sad? *
What is the most important thing to you? *
When you like a new song, does it keep going round and round in your mind at the most inconvenient moments? *
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