Yinghua Private Tutoring Request Session I: Sept. 17-Nov. 9, 2018
This term, tutoring is available for students in grades 1-8.

Please remember there are other ways to receive academic help, including morning homework sessions and Aftercare Homework First. If you would like to schedule fee-based, private tutoring with a Yinghua staff person at Yinghua, continue with this form.

Once you submit this form, Dr. Lien will review your request and match your child with a staff person. Libby Pomroy will contact you with all details, and will send you an invoice for the tutoring sessions. Note that all tutoring is bundled with a reduced-rate Aftercare fee so that we can track each student in the building after school. Students can stay at school before and after tutoring, until 6:00.

Tutoring is offered in 8-week sessions (once a week for 8 weeks). Session I begins the week of Sept. 17 and ends the week of Nov. 5. There will be a make-up week during the week of Nov. 12. Tuesday tutoring meets 8 times; the other days meet 7 times due to the school calendar.

Tutors receive the full tutoring fee.

$35 tutoring fee for 60 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $45 (8 1-hour tutoring sessions = $360)

$30 tutoring fee for 45 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $40 (8 45-minute tutoring sessions = $320)

$20 tutoring fee for 30 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $30 (8 30-minute tutoring sessions = $240)

Once tutoring is scheduled, you will receive an invoice for the 8-week session of tutoring with Aftercare. Do not pay anything until you receive your invoice.

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