Johnny Bullet September 2016 Survey
A survey to understand Johnny Bullet readers so that I can improve your experience. After completing this survey, you will be able download the Johnny Bullet Bonus Strip #5.
Overall, how would you rate Johnny Bullet?
How did you learn about Johnny Bullet?
Who should play Johnny Bullet in a movie?
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What do you use to read Johnny Bullet most often?
How many web comics do you read per week (including Johnny Bullet)?
What is the best way to get updates about Johnny Bullet?
How easy is it to use ComicBookBin’s navigation to read Johnny Bullet?
What music genre would be just right for a Johnny Bullet soundtrack?
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If Johnny Bullet were available as a trade paperback, where would you prefer getting a copy?
What is your favourite muscle car?
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How much would you contribute to a Johnny Bullet Kickstarter campaign?
Did you know that Johnny Bullet is supported through Patreon?
What is your favourite car chase movie?
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Additional comments about Johnny Bullet?
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What make is Johnny Bullet's car?
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