Have You Improved Your Sleep Naturally?
I'm collecting testimonials from people who have improved their sleep naturally. Are you one of them?

If so, please let me know how you improved it!

The main purpose of this is to allow me (Chris Masterjohn) to share stories with other people to help motivate them to take action in improving their own sleep. I may use these in various materials such as email series, blog posts, podcasts, videos, courses, ebooks, or, maybe someday, a physical book. Some of these might be free and some might cost money (if I do use your testimonial in something that costs money I'll give you a free copy if you leave your contact info!)

I will also use these to see if anyone is doing anything game-changing that I haven't been paying attention to, so I can learn more about it and spread the word.

Thanks so much for considering this!

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