Student CTE Pathway Survey 2017
CTE is Career Technical Education
What high school do you attend?
What grade are you in?
What is your gender?
In what industry are you taking CTE courses this year?
Are you interested in pursuing a career in that industry?
What are your future plans after high school?
Do you believe CTE has prepared you for your future career plans?
Have you spoken to your counselor about what career you want?
Have you spoken to the college and career technician at your site about how to prepare for your future career?
What steps have you taken to accomplish your future goals? Check all that apply
Do you participate in a CTSO (SkillsUSA, HOSA ect)?
Do you know what the K16 Bridge Program is?
How do you choose what CTE course you are enrolled in?
Is your class articulated? (meaning will you get VVC credit for the course?
If VVC was to offer a class at your campus after school for 2 hours a day three days a week would you sign up?
If VVC was to offer a class at your campus after school for 3 hours a day two days a week would you sign up?
My favorite thing about CTE is...
Your answer
I think CTE can improve by...
Your answer
What VVC class would you like to see offered at your site after school?
Your answer
How can your school do a better job in marketing the CTE programs?
Your answer
What additional CTE classes would you like your school to offer?
Your answer
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