Bloomingdale New Members 2020
PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM AS IT WILL HELP US BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU ABOUT BLOOMINGDALE BAND. This is NOT the same form that was issued from the School District and it is what Mr. Sever will use to ensure communication for the future! Welcome Aboard New Bulls!
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Due to the COVID19 circumstances this document is so the Bloomingdale Rajun' Bull Band may collect information so we may communicate with you about the future. The question is not IF we will have another GREAT Band, its just WHEN! WE (PARENT AND STUDENT) UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE NO AUDITION PROCESS FOR THE BLOOMINGDALE BAND. HOWEVER, The director will be sending us (parent and student) updates and music electronically so we can be ready. The director will also send us (parent and student) information on instrument rental and uniform fittings. We (parent and student) understand that it is important that communication is VITAL for the our (parent and student) success and overall happiness in the Bloomingdale band program. We (parent and student) understand the earliest we will meet for preseason training (except for Guard and Percussion which, for now, is TBA) is Saturday AUGUST 1. We (parent and student) will contact Mr. Sever, the director, through email if we (parent and student) have ANY questions. *
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