Summer Pool Party Tournament 2019
( Optional) It would be nice to see everyone using Pool party Skins for their first couple week or days of the tournament.
This is Wilds Hybrid first OFFICIAL tournament of 2019 for Silver - Diamond 4 only. ( 1 Diamond per team )

Please note that if you are caught SMURFING, you are obligated in your own responsibility

** RECOMMENDATIONS ** As a tournament, there is a PRIZE POOL of CASH.
It is recommended that you download Cash App on your mobile device to pay the ENTRY FEE of $10 and send it to
USERNAME: $tnrice95 and use this code: to get a free $5.

NOTE: Cash App is only for USA users.
The reason why I asked all of you to mandatorily use this app is that I live in Canada and it will alter the prize pool.
Cash app does not have tax nor does it alter any changes.

Join our discord server :
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