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An initiative by SciComm India to keep you updated with AI and Machine Learning based trend with Astronomical magic.
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Module 1 (3rd-5th class)
Excluding Overnight AstroCamp Visit = 8,499/-
Including Overnight AstroCamp Visit = 10,499/- (for minimum 30 students) or 9,999/-(for minimum 50 students)

Module 2 (6th-8th class)
Excluding Overnight AstroCamp Visit = 8,999/-
Including Overnight AstroCamp Visit = 10,999/- (for minimum 30 students) or 10,499/-(for minimum 50 students)

Note: Exclusive 10% off on AstroCamp visit for students family members.

Look forward to discussing further and creating a lasting partnership.
NOTE: We give a complimentary Big installation of a Astronomical model to schools.

Reasons to partner with SciComm:
• We rank no. #1 in Google for 'Astrocamping in India' .
• We are an international community of young scientists, science enthusiasts from Paris, Italy, Philipines, Maldives etc.
• We manufacture our own DIY science kits and telescopes, which students can take home after the AstroClub summer camps or in-house sessions.
• Reviews by our clients and customers on Weekend AstroCamp and Astro tour cum sessions in Himalayas are LIVE on YouTube 50k+
• Our Branding and content developement is done by professionals and experts from reputed Institutions.

Thus, association with Scicomm will bring good reputation to the school and its members.

Additionally, this year, we are also providing a free demo to showcase our workshop packages.

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