A Rebel Among Us (Renegade #3) by J.D.R.Hawkins
After David Summers enlists with the Confederate cavalry, his delusion of chivalry is soon crushed when he witnesses the horrors of battle. Shot by a Union picket, he winds up at a stranger’s farm. Four girls compassionately nurse him back to health. David learns his comrades have deserted him in Pennsylvania following the Battle of Gettysburg, but his dilemma becomes much worse. He falls in love with the older sister, Anna, who entices him with a proposition. To his dismay, he must make a decision. Should he stay and help Anna with her underhanded plan, or return to the army and risk capture?

A Beautiful, Glittering Lie (Renegade #1) & A Beckoning Hellfire (Renegade #2) are available for Review too!

- Tour from 1st to 20th December.
- Book Reviews, Guest Posts & Interviews.
- Review Copy available in ePub & mobi files available

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