Helping Young Girls Get Free Access To Sanitary Products And Be Confident About Periods - Celebrating Women Hood And Feeling Confident!
We are an organisation that is trying to help all schools and colleges bring about change in how we educate and supply sanitary products to young girls and young women - who might not have access due to funds or embarrassment or fear of shame. We want to help reduce period poverty, reduce period shaming and as a result increase young women's attendance in schools.

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Find out about how young girls feel about periods and how to access free sanitary products.
The UK Government started a scheme that allows all schools and colleges to issue free sanitary products to their students.

Since this scheme was put in place not all schools have taken up the opportunity to provide these products. We are trying to assess the mood and feel about why this is and what young girls and parents of those girls want from their school or colleges.

We will then be working with Ofsted and schools and colleges to help them implement strategies so that these young women and girls can access sanitary products more easily.
Please complete this with a young lady between the ages of 9 - 16. You will need to answer the questions with her - use this time as a discussion with your lady on how periods work and how she really feels about them.
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