2018 GRL Summer Camp RETURNING VOLUNTEER application
Welcome back! We're so excited that plan to return! *If you are a NEW GRL volunteer, please visit this link instead: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPJnrzz4cNfJYsUGATOfOpYVjSf1xu9YRjnAVk1ohzcgPFng/viewform
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(Optional) Please share what identities are important to you:We recognize that people interested in volunteering with GRL come from a from a multitude of identities and experiences. We would love to know what identities are important to our volunteers. For example: immigrant, person of color [black, latinx, asian, indigenous], working class, genderqueer/Two-Spirit, LGBTQ, artist/musician, parent/caregiver, etc.
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Emergency Contact and Medical information
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Tshirt Size (Volunteers get a free t-shirt!)
Volunteer Positions and Availability
Volunteer Position Choice
Please carefully read through the volunteer descriptions at this link before making a selection. If your ability changes, please let us know immediately. Feel free to check all positions you are interested in, and please let us know your top 3 choices.
Non instructional-positions (open to all genders)
Positions Working Directly with Campers (open to women and gender non-conforming individuals)
My top 3 choice for volunteer positions this year are: *
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Mandatory Volunteer Training: If you are interested in working directly with youth, we require all volunteers to attend a mandatory volunteer training session. We will be offering the trainings on the dates below and will provide a light meal. Please indicate which you will attend: *
If applying for a volunteer position working directly with youth, I agree to let Girls Rock Louisville perform a background check. *
Anything else you would like us to know about you or your hopes and dreams for camp this year?
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Stipend Request Information
Thank you for volunteering your time and skills to Girls Rock Louisville! The generosity of our volunteers is the bedrock of the camp’s success, and we are very grateful for your help. We have set aside a small amount of money to be given out as volunteer stipends to help defray some expenses and encourage participation. As you know, Girls Rock Louisville is a nonprofit organization with limited resources that relies heavily on donations and support from the community to operate. We ask that volunteers request a stipend only if not having one will directly affect their ability to participate in camp. Please visit this form to submit a request for a stipend:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSuk6cmjDd39MJzjf5q8XRFGWefwjOECJmGoDtFQ2SN8sl5Q/viewform
Thank you for signing up to volunteer for Girls Rock Louisville! Our volunteer applications will be open until March 29th, and we’ll be contacting you shortly thereafter to let you know about your volunteer placement. If you have any questions, please contact Carrie at girlsrocklouisville@gmail.com
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