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Whatever we’re going through - whether joyous, painful, or somewhere else in the constellation of human experiences - we believe it is better to go through life in community. The pandemic is creating enormous challenges for many of us! But in hard times, asking for help can be hard. Those who ask often feel vulnerable, and asking does not come naturally. The deeply ingrained cultural norms around self-reliance and individualism in the United States add to the challenge. Yet when asked, so many people rise to the occasion and genuinely enjoy being helpful. Central to the purpose of community is helping one another in times of need. We are connected to each other and responsible for one another. 

What might require assistance? You might be stuck at home and need groceries delivered or a way to connect with other humans, need someone to talk to or help finding resources, have lost your job and need assistance, are struggling with caring for a loved one, are going through a life transition, and something else entirely. 

What might help look like?  We can show each other we care in so many ways: meal or grocery deliveries, virtual check-ins, car rides, community prayers, a conversation with the rabbi, help navigating the health care system, referrals to mental health professionals, and many other things!
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