Human chain
The #week4CLIMATE want to get your assessment about the idea of an international human chain and the potential date. We appreciate your participation in this survey.

In Germany the #week4CLIMATE will be done between the 21.09. and the 27.09. Each day will have a special topic with demonstration(s) representing the thematic focus. However, the concept of the #week4CLIMATE invites all locations to join the topics.
To demonstrate solidarity of the global climate justice movement a human chain is provided. The human chain can be done at the 25.09. (topic: Asymmetry global north vs. global south), the 27.09. (topic: Earth) or during the whole week.
Every local group counts their kilometers, the participants and subsequently we publish the total global length to symbolize the solidarity to combat climate crisis.

More information:

Pro - Contra
Only one day: maybe more media attention
Week (20th - 27th): more local groups can join - > bigger number
25th: you can concentrate in this action (no global strike)
27th: more people are doing actions; we can support Earthstrike; the topic fits the best
Week: the most people can join
Week + focus 27th:
Big number + more media attention

Would be happy getting feedback from you

Sincerely task force #week4CLIMATE :)
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