How is your team organised to contribute to OpenStack?
This survey is part of a research by Stefano Maffulli for OpenStack Foundation. The responses will be kept confidential.

How development teams are organized, how they balance shipping products to customers with contributing upstream, what incentives are in place that help or prevent contributions to go upstream, how career paths are influenced by contributions to the open source collaboration, etc.

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How is your team (teams) organized? *
Describe the development tools, processes do engineering teams use. For example, do you use waterfall or agile, pair programming?
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How do teams reconcile serving customers vs contributing upstream to OpenStack? *
Describe how do they contribute to the bottom line, the reporting structure, etc.
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What incentives have your engineers to contribute to OpenStack? *
Describe what drives developers to contribute upstream, if their performance evaluations, bonuses or other perks are in any way related to upstream contributions.
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Feel free to share here other thoughts about contributing to OpenStack.
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