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We would love to gather as much information about your child as possible to help them make a smooth transition to Porters Grange. Please fill out the form below so we are able to learn more about your child!
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My special people are
I will usually be brought to school by
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Getting to know you, can you tick the words that best describe you?
What are your favourite toys and games?
What are your favourite stories, songs or nursery rhymes?
Where do you like to go, what do you like to talk about do, or explore?
Are there things that upset you, frighten or worry you?
What helps comfort you when you are feeling upset?
How may you feel spending time with new adults and children? How will you feel saying goodbye to your adult?
What stage of toilet training are you at? How will you tell us that you need the toilet?
What is your sleep pattern or routine like? Do you take a nap in the day?
Do you need any help with eating?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know or are concerned about?
Your child's daily routine - Please tell us their typical daly routine for example, mealtimes, active or quiet times for morning, afternoon and evening
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