Kelli T for Ward 3: Citizen Feedback Survey
A City Council member's primary role is to represent the needs of the citizens in their ward. Citizen Surveys are a common way of gathering feedback from residents to inform these decisions. I firmly believe the City of Opelika, and those who are proud to call it home, would benefit from implementing an annual Citizen Survey similar to ones used in many cities our size across the country.

A key feature of my campaign is the survey below. It asks how your next City Council member can best represent your needs on six areas of city services. I believe the first step in adequately representing the voice of this ward is simply to ask - how we are doing and what can we do better? YOUR issues are MY issues. And I cannot know what those issues are until I ask in a systematic and efficient manner. So, here we go Ward 3!

If you are resident of Ward 3, please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey.

You will be asked to provide your mailing address to confirm your status as a Ward 3 resident.

Then, you will be asked to rate and provide feedback on your overall level of satisfaction in each of the following areas of broad city services:

1. Education & Youth Development
2. Utility Services
3. Public Communication
4. Parks and Recreation
5. Economic Development
6. Public Safety Response

Thank you for your time! And don't forget to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, August 25th.

NOTE: Any information collected, including email and/or mailing address, will only be used for the purpose of verifying ward status or contacting you, the resident regarding something mentioned in the survey (and, only if follow-up information is requested).
Please provide your email if you would like follow-up:
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