Starseed Academy Application Form - January 2022 Cohort
Thank you for your interest in Starseed Academy Coach Training!

Starseed Academy aims to raise the consciousness of the world by raising high-level spiritual coaches equipped with high level skills to transform lives, unstoppable confidence, and conscious marketing approach to run a successful and profitable business.

This elite level coaching program is based on proven tools, techniques and processes that have worked to create life transforming results in Minerva’s clients lives worldwide as well as create multiple six figure businesses. Within our program, we will teach from 3 significant pillars: High-Level Coaching Skills, Deep Personal Development and Conscious Marketing.

* High-Level Coaching: Learn a variety of high-level spiritual tools and techniques that are proven to transform lives in relationships, career, money, health, personal development and manifesting results. Learn how to conduct a powerful experience in every session that perfectly balances structure, flow and your spiritual gifts!

* Deep Personal Development: “You cannot take your client deeper than you’ve been yourself” - Rich Litvin
In an intimate sacred container, gain support as you explore your hidden blocks on money, self-worth, imposter syndrome and anything else standing in the way of you fully showing up as a conscious, confidence and powerful coach!

* Conscious Marketing: One size does not fit all! Learn our unique conscious approach to marketing so that you get your message and services out there in a way that feels authentic, in alignment to your energetic blueprint without the burnout! No more sales scripts that feels ‘sleezy’ or ‘salesy’ or forcing yourself to do things that does not feel good. Start attracting clients (not chase them) with complete ease and effortlessness and build a sustainable and profitable business.

We provide the highest level of instruction and support in all 3 areas as we are on a mission to be home to the world's best successful spiritual coaches!

Entry into this program is by application only. There are 3 steps involved to be accepted into the program:

Step 1 - Fill out this online application as complete and as honest as possible
Step 2 - Receive an acceptance letter via email within 3-5 business days. In some cases we will schedule a 15-30 mins video or phone interview.
Step 3 - If accepted into the program, you will have 72 hours to secure your spot into the program with first or full payment and a signed student agreement form.

We are currently only accepting 8 students for this cohort. The first cohort begins January 2022 (exact start date to be confirmed/ evening class 8-10pm EST)

The ideal candidate for this program is:
- Someone who works within the healing/spiritual/holistic/health realm or any other profession and would like to introduce a spiritual approach
- Someone who just uncovered their healing/spiritual gifts or undergone a spiritual & personal transformation and would like to help others transform their lives within a coach approach
- Someone who feels like they've always been coaching others their entire life and wants to learn how to become a professional coach
- Someone who has received formal training (as a coach, counsellor, manager, or any other leadership-type role) and would like a new approach and uplevel their skills as a coach
- Someone who would like to learn how to become a powerful coach and run a sustainable and profitable coaching practice that attracts clients with ease and flow.
- Someone with previous coach training and looking to master their skills and uplevel their business and income

If this sounds like you or you think you would be a good fit for this program , we welcome you to complete the application form below for a spot in our upcoming spiritual coach certification program.

Our director, Minerva Maharajh, reads every application personally so please be as thorough and honest as possible. You will receive a response as to whether you have been accepted into the program or if we recommend you apply at a different date. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.


Thank you for answering the call to raise the consciousness of the world by becoming a high-level spiritual coach.

Starseed Academy Coach Training Inc.
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In Starseed Academy Spiritual Coach Training Program, we support you to become a high-level coach through the avenues of deep personal development, fostering powerful coaching skills and expanding your marketing strategy. Although our processes have worked for Minerva and many of her clients and students, we cannot guarantee results and income. We aim to provide the highest level of instruction but ultimately it is up to you to create results for yourself. Do you take 100% responsibility for yourself, actions and results? *
Due to the sacred container and personal development aspect to our program, please note this is not a replacement for any physical, mental, emotional diagnosis or advice provided by your doctor, psychotherapist, counsellor, psychiatrist or any other licenced professional. If accepted into our program you agree and understand these terms. *
Do you have any physical, emotional or mental health issues we should be aware of, either in the past or currently. Please describe. *
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If accepted into the spiritual coach training program, you will have 72 hours to accept and secure your spot with payment before it is offered to the next person on the list. With that in mind, which payment option best suits you? *Please note Invoices will be issued in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and will be issued with current exchange rate* *
Thank you for filling out your application. Once you click 'SUBMIT' we will review your application within 3-5 business days and response will be sent via email as to whether you have been accepted into our next cohort. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Starseed Academy Coach Training Program.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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