Buying a Home
Considering a home purchase? You came to the right place! Please fill out this 10 question survey to align our team with your search. 
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When would you like to receive the keys for your next property? Is this timing an estimate or a hard deadline? *
Having a goal ownership date will help us to create a timeline for your search. 
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If unsure, write: Unknown. 
Have you spoken to a lender about the search? 
If you will be using all cash to purchase, write: Cash purchase.
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What requirements do you have for the home? Bedroom and Bathroom count, square footage, etc. 
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What would you like to see in a home however it is not a requirement for a purchase? For example, a backyard with grass gated for a pet. A single story home with no steps inside. The more detail you can provide the better!
What is a "dealbreaker" for you?
What is an absolute "no" in a home? For example, a dealbreaker could be a home in original condition, needed a major renovation. 
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