Anjuman-I-Islam's A. A. Khatkhatay English Secondary School, Vashi. Alumni Google Form
Dear Ex Students,
The time you left your Alma Matar is still so fresh in our minds. Here's an opportunity to get back in touch with you all.
I would love to know how your lives shaped up after so many years of flying away from the Nest (School).
Please share your details and stay connected.
(Only for Ex students of Anjuman-I-Islam's, A. A. Khatkhatay English Secondary School, Vashi)

Mrs. Zulekha Siddiqui
(A.I.'s, A. A. K. English Secondary School, Vashi)
1. Surname *
First Name *
Father's Name *
Mother's Name *
2. Date of Birth *
3. Place of Birth *
4. Attended school from year .......................... to year.................. *
5. Year of passing SSC or Leaving School (Whichever applicable) *
6. Contact Number (Mobile Number) *
7. Residential Address *
8. E-mail ID *
9. Educational Qualification *
10. Occupation/Profession *
11. Designation *
12. Company's Name/Address *
13. Office contact number *
14. Marital status *
15. Spouse's name
16. Number of children (If Any)
17. Mother tongue *
18. Languages spoken *
19. Which is your fondest memory of School life *
20. Please tell us of your achievements, hobbies, ambitions, and any other information you would like to share with us. *
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