ASYO Absence Request Form
Please note: Absence requests must be submitted one week prior to the missed rehearsal in order for the absence to be excused.

• Attendance at all rehearsals is required. However, illness, school activities or other extenuating circumstances do allow for a member to miss up to two (2) rehearsals per concert cycle. Seniors in high school are allowed one (1) additional absence per concert cycle to visit out-of-town colleges. Any student unable to meet the attendance requirement could be asked not to play the remaining rehearsals or the corresponding performance. Students may contact the office and appeal the decision if extenuating circumstances exist, such as death in the family, injury or extended illness.
• All absences must be reported to the ASYO Manager by completing and submitting an Absence Form at least one week prior to the rehearsal. The form must be received one week prior to be excused.
• If you are ill on a rehearsal day notify the ASYO Manager and Conductor as soon as possible.

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