✌️ State of the Arts Survey 2019
It is officially 2020 but if you would still like to take the 2019 survey we are happy to say that we will be leaving it open until we move off the Google Forms platform for the 2020 or 2021 edition of the survey.

Although we have collected and created visualizations for the 2019 beta results (see link below) your survey responses will still be added and will be incorporated into the 2019 data regularly.

Just keep in mind that ALL YOUR RESPONSES should still PERTAIN ONLY TO 2019.

Perhaps the best reason to take this 2019 survey is so that you can PARTICIPATE IN SHAPING THE 2020 SURVEY by adding ideas and criticisms that will be reviewed and incorporated. This is the only way we have set up currently for community participation and we sincerely want your input to help make the survey more useful and effective!

With all that said, welcome to the State of the Arts Survey 2019! An anonymous not-for-profit survey designed for any and all visual artists and art students. In addition to a full range of census-style questions, this survey will also give participants the opportunity to provide input, critiques and new ideas for future iterations of the survey.

The survey should take 15 to 30 minutes and should be taken in one sitting if possible, especially if you are on a mobile device as your browser may reset your responses. For more information visit the survey's 2019 landing page!

View current 2019 data at:

As you take the survey:
• Answer questions quickly and don't think too hard

• Remember that your responses are 100% anonymous

• Remember that all your responses should only pertain to 2019
Thank you!
Thank you in advance for participating! If you enjoy the survey please consider passing it along to your peers, students or teachers when you're done. And keep an eye out for the upcoming 2020 survey!
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