Women in Sport Commission SNAP Survey 兩性平等倡導委員會快速調查
The WFDF Women in Sport Commission is coordinating efforts to increase participation of women in Flying Disc sports and to develop ideas and initiatives to promote the role of women in sport and leaderships positions!

To be successful, the Commission would like to hear from WFDF members of ALL genders about the most pressing issues they face in their respective disciplines and geographical areas.


What describes your role best in Disc Sports? 你在飛盤運動中是甚麼角色? *
What Disc Sports do you mainly participate in? 你主要參加什麼飛盤運動? *
In what country do you mainly participate in this sport? 你主要在哪個國家參加這項運動? *
What is your gender? 你的性別是什麼? *
If you mainly participate in a gender-mixed version of a Disc Sport, how would you characterise the current gender relationships in this discipline? 如果你主要參加一個性別混合的飛盤運動,你將如何描述當前的性別關係?
What in your opinion are the greatest barriers to Gender Equality in the Disc Sport that you play? 在你參與的飛盤運動中,你認為性別平等最大的障礙是什麼?
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What in your option are the greatest enablers of Gender Equality in the Disc Sport that you play? 你所選擇的飛盤運動中,性別平等的最大推動力是甚麼?
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What do you think the Women in Sport Commission could do to be most effective in promoting gender equality in disc sports? (1 or 2 suggestions) 你認為世界飛盤拹會性別平等委員會能做什麼來最有效地促進飛盤運動中的性別平等? (建議一至兩項)
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How would you like to hear from us? 你我們怎樣聯繫你?
Any other comments or suggestions? 任何其他意見或建議?
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If you want to offer specific support or assistance and would like for us to get into contact with you, please let us know your name and contact details here: 如果您想提供具體的支持或幫助,並希望我們與您聯繫,請在此處告知我們您的姓名和聯繫方式:
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