Parent Survey HRS Level 1: Safe and Collaborative School
Please mark whether you are a parent or grandparent of a child that attends Cross County Community Schools or a community member of either Stromsburg or Benedict.
If you are a parent of a child that attends Cross County what grade level is your child? If you have children at different levels please ask the person giving you the survey which one you should choose.
What community do you currently reside?
My child's school is a safe and orderly place.
My Child's school has clear and specific rules and procedures in place.
I am aware of the rules and procedures in place at my child's school.
My child's school uses social media to allow anonymous reporting of potential incidents.
My child's school has a system that allows school leaders to communicate with me about issues regarding school safety (for example, a school call out system.)
Teachers help make important decisions at my child's school.
Teams of teachers at my child's school look at student achievement data to figure out how to improve students' learning.
The leaders of my child's school ask for my opinion about how the school should function
The leaders of my child's school use social networking technologies (such as twitter and facebook) to involve students, parents, and the community.
The leaders of my child's school host or speak at community/business luncheons.
Additional comments that were not addressed on this survey?
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