Friends of GGMG: Enrollment Form
GGMG Friends are businesses that offer ongoing benefits to GGMG members for a year.

Enrollment requirements:
• Offer MUST apply to all new and returning GGMG members. “New customers only” or "first time only" - type of promotions will not be accepted through the GGMG Friends Program and may be accepted through our GGMG Neighbors Program instead.
• Offer CANNOT be contingent. Examples of contingencies are not limited to – minimum purchase and prepay requirements.
• Offer MUST include a minimum of 15% off (exceptions given at the discretion of GGMG Partnerships Committee)
• Offer MUST include methods to redeem (e.g. promotion code).

Once your business is our Friend, your offer will be:
• Published to all GGMG members (4500+ strong!)
• Included in periodic reminders to our members
• Included on our master Partners list

Once submitted, your form will be reviewed by the GGMG Partnerships team. We will reach out to you if we have any questions. Please allow at least 3 weeks to be published to GGMG websites. If you do not see your business listed on the GGMG website, your form may have been incomplete or did not meet our enrollment requirements.

Thank you for your interest in our Friends of GGMG program!

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Primary Email
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Primary Phone Number
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Business Logo URL
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Business / Offer Description
briefly describe your business and what benefit you are offering GGMG members (250 words or fewer). you MUST include how our members can redeem the offer (i.e. coupon codes). otherwise, your enrollment may be denied. text only, no formatting or HTML or line breaks.
Your answer
Are you willing to honor the above offer (with no changes) for 12 months?
After 12 months, your listing will be removed from the program. You can fill this form out again to rejoin.
By completing and sending this form, you agree to offer the benefit described above to all GGMG members as an ongoing benefit for a period of 12 months, starting from the date you submit this form. Your participation in this program will be automatically terminated at the end of that period; you may sign up again if you wish. GGMG reserves the right to terminate this program, or your participation in this program at any time. You may terminate your participation in this agreement by allowing 30 days for us to process your written termination notice mailed to PO BOX 475866, San Francisco, CA 94147.
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